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Hotmail customer service is a life-savior in this fast-moving world when you need help with solving the Hotmail problems. These days, we can’t imagine our days without using email services. Hotmail enables you to access the emails without hindrances. Though some errors may appear now and then, you can solve them instantly with the help of the customer service team. Our team members ensure that all the issues that you face don’t reappear again in the future.  The biggest advantage is that our team is present round the clock to serve you with their services.

How Hotmail customer service team helps?

A number of problems may arise while accessing the Hotmail account. You may undergo some simple steps for fixing it. Even after following these steps if you are unable to fix up the problem then without delay contact the Hotmail customer service team. Our executives are known for helping them with valuable suggestions and fix the issue instantly. Here are some of the issues as well as the steps that you can follow to fix it.

Hotmail login problem                                    

When you sign in the account, you have to enter valid details in it. At a certain point in time, you are unable to sign in even after entering the correct username and password. Along with that, you find that the internet connection is also in good working condition. Then there is a possibility that you have the issues in the browser settings and so you can’t login.

How to fix it?

  • First make sure that the browser that you use supports Hotmail, if not then you have to change the browser.
  • You will need assistance for making the required changes in the settings of the browser. In that situation, you can take help of customer service team.
  • Sometimes the cookies and cache may slow down the browser so you have to clear them for fixing the login problem.

Hotmail hacked account recovery

Security is always the main concern of Hotmail. There are various precautionary steps that are taken beforehand so that you can prevent the situation of hacking. But if at any point of time it is found that the security of the account in compromised or you have a doubt of hacking then proceed for recovery. Our team helps in the procedure of Hotmail hacked account recovery.

How to fix it?

  • The first step that you must take when you suffer hacking is resetting the password. Hotmail password reset is essential as soon as you come to know about the situation.
  • Make sure to complete the security checkup which could be done by visiting the security check up page and adding the details of recovery.
  • While choosing a password, make it strong by the combining number, alphabets and special characters.

Hotmail password recovery

Password is one very vital component if you fail to provide the correct password, then you will not be able access the account. There are various reasons that you are unable to provide the correct password. The most common one is that you forgot as you are accessing your account after a long duration of time. Sometimes Hotmail change password feature prompt you to reset the password which you later forgot. In such situations you will have to get back the password.

How to fix it?

  • Recover the password by answering few security questions that you have set beforehand.
  • If you don’t remember the answers of the security questions, then enter the secondary email address for receiving the recovery steps in it.
  • Enter the phone number that is linked to the account so that you can receive the steps of password recovery through SMS.

Why Hotmail customer service?

When you avail help of our team there are various advantages that you can enjoy. Suppose you suffer from login problem then we will not just fix it but will ensure to find out root cause. This will help you to know the real cause and you are able to fix the issue by yourself when it reappears next time. Here are some features of Hotmail customer service team:

  • Available round the clock: You may suffer a trouble in your email account in midnight. There is no need to wait till morning for getting the required help as our team is present throughout the day to serve you.
  • Expertise in the field: As the technicians present here have years of experience so they have the required expertise in the field. They are able to understand the cause of the problem within short interval.
  • Instant service: There are number of support companies present in the market. But our team always ensures to provide you assistance as soon as you approach them.

Therefore, if you are in need of expert opinion while accessing the Hotmail account, go ahead and contact Hotmail customer service team for immediate assistance.